Small changes can make a big difference. We don't claim to be the most sustainable company 

and understand that there is still much more to do. However, we do strive to learn and be better


Plastic Bottles to Scrubs Plastic

Each recycled scrub set saves 14 plastic bottles from the  landfill. We source our recycled fiber from REPREVE®, which is also used by Nike and Patagonia.

The process starts with used bottles that are shredded into small flakes. These flakes are then cut into pellets, which are melted and extruded into yarn. The yarns are spun into thread and thread is woven into fabric. Fabric is then cut and sewn to create scrubs.

At last, water bottles can have a 2nd life as super soft scrubs.

Practicing Sustainability

At COMENII, it's more than just scrubs. We strive to create a sustainable brand while giving the very best to healthcare professionals around the world. We try our best to practice sustainability in all aspects of our business and product's life-cycle

Moreover, our packaging stickers are made from Forest Stewardship Council certified paper, meaning they are sourced from sustainably and responsibly managed forests. The stickers are also printed with soy-ink vs petroleum-based inks.

Responsible Manufacturing

We have partnered with a small family-owned apparel manufacturer that also produces for some of the world's largest brands such as adidas and ASICS®. 

We picked them because they are committed to ensuring that our scrubs are made in fair and safe conditions. Furthermore, they share a common vision of sustainability and transparency.

Our manufacturer also partners with BetterWork, a joint UN International Labour Organization and World Bank International Finance Corporation partnership, on factory transparency and labor improvements.

We celebrate our makers and help our customers understand more about how their scrubs are made to showcase craftsmanship and promote the value in the choice we make and the things we wear.